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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
10:12 pm - shoot to thrill
things, annotated:

i had a good job interview today. the gig is copyediting for a PR firm, contract to hire. it's exactly and precisely what i do, and i can do it in my sleep. the chick i met with had worked at nordstrom for a DECADE and although she wasn't in my department there, we recalled each other's names and we know a lot of the same people. a lot a lot. we also got along quite well--we're both ex-trivia hosts!

her name was amanda, and btw, life hack: if you are interviewing with someone named amanda, wear your dress with pandas all over it. amanda will exclaim, "I LOVE PANDAS," and fawn over you and your pandadress. this worked out exactly as planned.

money's OK. downtown bellevue. full-time with benefits. standard-issue seattle-startup culture--there's a 7-foot stuffed giraffe in reception! how positively wacky! i didn't tell them that the super-startuppy marketing firm that i worked for two years ago had that same exact giraffe.

as i was leaving, amanda said she'd schedule me for a copy test next week, so i guess she liked me too. hoping round 2 goes well. i want it.

after much dread and suspense, the new landlord DID figure out that my lease is expiring in a week after all. he emailed on sunday, saying he apologizes for not realizing it sooner and asking me to sign a new lease--with an extra $100 slapped on there.

which is... probably what the old landlord would have done anyway. i was fully expecting him to tell me to pay ~$300 more or GTFO, and then expecting to have to GTFO. this guy even gave me an extra month before it becomes effective, because he dropped the ball.

so, i said okay. i'm reupping for year 7.

it's hard to ignore the fact that i'm now paying a whole imperial shitload for a 1-bed in the university district, for godsake, but at this point... staying is a lot cheaper than moving. moving is fucking expensive! i don't have anything close to a first/last/deposit. hell, i don't even have a real job right now, and my credit stinks, and there also are about five total apartments available in seattle, reportedly, so i doubt i could compete with rich-ass amazonians for them.

plus stephen and i will be in the caucasus for two weeks in late october/early november, so if i moved, i'd have to get it all done BEFORE we left. which would only give me about a month and a half to find a place, somehow get approved, scrape all the funds together, and move all my things into the new place. and clean the old one, good christ. while being swamped in freelance work, as i have been lately. un-possible.

plus even if i'd have found a new spot, then i would have to actually move, which is a prolonged exercise in human misery. and the poor cats would be traumatized, and where would i put my 6-foot papier-mâché viking ship and cetera. like, sure, i could save maybe $2k-$3k over a course of a year if i found a cheaper place, but it would cost me at least that much in psychic agony to have to move, and to an undoubtedly worse apartment in a less optimal neighborhood. it's a lot easier to tread the water here than be thrust into a new, mysterious ocean. and to meet the unknown devils lurking within.

which is a moot point, though, because it's really not possible.

plus my apartment is so beautiful and huge and awesome and cool. and it already has all my things inside of it. i love it. imo stay.

i went to my 20-year high school reunion on saturday, which was AT the high school, somewhat unusually, and i was really stoked about but now i don't really have much to say about it?

(technically, it's only been 18 years for me. it was kind of a collective everyone-from-the-late-'90s reunion, since a lot of us were lagging behind or zooming ahead, because it was an alternaschool.)

like. para mi, it was mostly about getting to go inside the beautiful old building again and walk around. which i did. it is still crusty and huge and echoey and bursting with art and weirdness. there is a still free library and a general hippieshit vibe. they have a real, non-illegal kitchen now. and a lunchroom and lockers. the cubbies and the couches and the condom machine are gone. the greenhouse is still there but it doesn't have pot growing in it anymore. an apple tree and a pear tree that this kid i knew, sam, planted in 1996 are still there and they make apples and pears now. sam was at the thing and kept gazing up at the 15-foot trees, glowing. good job, sammy.

my friend stefan who teaches there says my old piano, to which i shellacked cutouts of chernobyl kids from natgeo and then painted the sides in swirly blue and white and green, with my HANDS, is still bouncing around the building somewhere but he didn't know which classroom. but it's still alive. and that made me really happy.

the people weren't, uh, that exciting. everyone has kids, obviously, for that is what people do, but that's all they talked about. i didn't remember a lot of them from the '90s, and then all my faves don't live in seattle anymore and didn't show up.

i got bored after a few hours and sneaked away. but i'm glad to have gotten to skulk around NOVA again. precious mem'ries.

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
9:19 am - i put a spell on you
thx to goldfischegirl for filming and posting me at the spelling bee on monday. here's me alllllmost winning but then losing. plus wisecracks.

and i love ashley's mom's commentary from behind the camera.

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